Wednesday, August 28, 2013

From The Ramparts
Junious Ricardo Stanton

Say No To More US Wars!!

"The Creator has a working plan, peace and happiness for every man. The Creator has a master plan, peace and happiness for every man. The Creator makes but one demand peace and happiness throughout all the land." - Leon Thomas

The United States, its NATO and Israeli thug allies are ginning up yet another war based on lies and deceptions. This time these lying psychopaths are demonizing Syria's President Bashar al-Assad to trick us into acquiescing to another war on behalf of the usual warmongers: the international banking cartel, the military industrial complex, big oil, the corporate media and of course Israel. In recent months the US has been deploying naval vessels, covert operation forces and military assets into the Mediterranean Sea, Jordan, Turkey and embedding them in Syria itself. This is in addition to two years of funding arming and supporting mercenaries and "al-Qaeda" fanatics in a vein attempt to depose Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

But the Western Neo-colonial proxy war is not succeeding because Syrian forces loyal to al-Assad with Russian logistical support and Iran and Hezbollah fighters have stymied and beaten back the US/Western dupes and killers. In the US, brain dead yahoos are too distracted and prozaced out to ask this fundamental question: if al-Qaeda is supposed to be the mortal enemy of peace, freedom and sanity, and the West are the good guys why did the West pay al-Qaeda to attack Libya and help them murder Muammar Gaddafi and why are they using this same al-Qaeda to destabilize Syria? Because al-Qaeda is merely a boggey man front group made up of CIA, MI6, Saudi Arabian stooges and dupes used by the West to further the West's nefarious agenda.

Over and over we've experienced how the government lies to get what they want whether its fascistic policies or wars. Remember how they said NAFTA and GATT were going to be good for American workers? Remember how they said bombing Yugoslavia was a humanitarian mission? Remember how Colin Powell the most credible member of the Bu$h den of vipers and thieves lied to the whole world about Saddam Hussein's non-existent weapons of mass destruction? Powell never batted an eye nor said he was sorry.

Think about this, no ruling elites or their minions ever go to jail. No matter how egregious their crimes against humanity no Western leaders ever get tried by the World Court. They are allowed to ride off in the sunset with their millions, their stock options and possessions no matter how much pain, suffering, devastation and death they have caused. Yet someone like Bradley Manning gets dogged out by the system and sentenced to thirty-five years in jail? Is this justice?

Don't fall for the mind control apparatus' okey-doke and flim-flam. Don't allow the talking heads and their corporate owners to turn you into a sucka or a chump! There are no such things as humanitarian interventions and wars. Smart bombs, surgical strikes and holy wars are cruel non-realities. These terms are an oxymoron, contradictions in essence designed to blur the lines between reality, truth and illusions and lies. All wars cause carnage, death and agony. There is nothing noble about senseless killing based on lies. It's one thing to mobilize to fight to defend your hearth and home; but illegal wars based upon lies have no redeeming virtues and bring bad KARMA! You reap what you sow.

War, what is it good for absolutely nothing sang Edwin Starr and we know he was correct. Roberta Flack sang a song entitled Business Goes on As Usual. In it she sang, "Business goes on as usual the corn and the profits are high and TVs boom in every living room, they tell us what deodorants to buy. Business goes on as usual except that my brother is dead. He was twenty-five and very much alive but the dreams have all been blasted from his head. In a far off land with a gun in his hand he died in a war he did not understand. While business goes on as usual, there is plenty to choose from on the rack. But the rumor goes that the latest thing in cloths will be black. Business goes on as usual, as usual." Asd but true business is going on as usual. Listen to Marvin Gaye's classic album What's Going On really listen to the lyrics and meditate on the profundity of what he is singing. "War is not the answer only love can conquer hate."

As this very moment, the US and its Western allies are cranking out more lies and propaganda about al-Assad's chemical weapons. Think people, this is nothing but a redo of the WMD lies that justified the invasion of Iraq. You remember how that turned out, right? We'll remain there for the foreseeable future, sucking trillions from much needed programs here at home and the elites didn't even get dibbs on the Iraqi oil!!

Don't fall for the same line again. At least make them come up with something new and different! Say no to the global gangsters' New World Order and their newest push for war. The drones, cruise missiles and bombs are being assembled, prepped and are on standby as we speak. Obama is under immense pressure from the Neo-Cons, the international banking oligarchs, the military industrial complex and the Zionists to launch the attack against Syria; then it's on to Iran.

The rumor mill has it Obama is going to do like Bill Clinton did in Kosovo and order massive airstrikes rather than infantry and ground attacks. This way the US won't suffer as many casualties. But that's war room drawing board talk who knows what might happen and how many US lives will be lost? Remember they told us the Iraq invasion would be a cake walk? That's what they said about Vietnam too.

The shot callers and their puppets like Obama, Bu$h Jr and Clinton like killing people from afar, using remote controlled drones, missiles and bombs; it gets them closer to their science fiction ideal of soulless robot and zombie armies employing fully mechanized weaponry. Don't allow them to perpetuate another war in our name. Open your eyes and your mind, point out the obvious lies, contradictions and immorality of what they are doing.

As they commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Civil Rights, I fear the US leadership is about to repeat the very same errors they did in 1963, by escalating the war in Southeast Asia. And that imperialist blunder turned out to be a disaster. The US will be on the wrong side of history again if it attacks yet another country that has done us no harm nor posed a significant threat to us.

Leon Thomas wrote a song called The Creator has A Master Plan. We listened to it in the 70's. We need to go back and listen to it again and again so the message sinks in.

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