Monday, April 27, 2009


An interview given on April 3 at a Bailout the People! Rally on Wall St. Produced by All Things Harlem: A Black Independent VideoJournalist and Creative Collective dedicated to making progressive and positively Black videos to help uplift our people and push the Black Liberation Movement forward.
Elder Veteran FreedomFighter
Speaks Truth To Power

Subtley, Rev. Lowery gives props to Liberation Theology, Black History of Resistance & Struggle and Rev Wright. Since his closing benediction there has been a ton of commentary... most of which has been negative by whitefolks and their negro allies. But, the millions of ordinary everyday Blackfolk and veteran Black activists who listened/watched knew what he was trying to do: That Barack Obama's rise to being the most powerful man on Earth comes out of a long history of Resistance and Struggle that Obama and the world must honor and never forget.

Rev. Lowery, in essence, did what any African Elder would do: Charge Obama with being a righteous being out to preserve and advance humanity. Anything short of that will be the work of the Devil capitalism loves.