Tuesday, April 27, 2010

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The man who extinguished the life of Malcolm X, 69 year-old Talmadge Hayer (aka Thomas Hagen), was paroled a couple of days ago in New York City (read story). He will be a completely free man on April 28, 2010. As you look at the pictures of this man ask yourself what do you feel; is this right?

Talmadge Hayer...Malcolm's Killer

Two weeks ago a rebroadcast of one of his 1980 interviews was aired in the New York area. It is taken from the long running public affairs show Like It Is, hosted by veteran journalist Gill Noble. Included in the clip is the actual undercover police recording of the assassination, which took place on February 21st, 1965. It is positively chilling and profoundly sad. Again, what do you feel looking at this man’s face?

It is relatively well-known by now that Hayer was only one of five assassins involved in the plot which grew out of the NOI mosque in Newark, New Jersey. The names of the five are Ben Thomas, Wilbur McKinley, Leon Davis, Talmadge Hayer, and William Bradley. Other than Hayer, Bradley is the only one known to be alive and living in the Newark area. It is an absolute disgrace that these men have never been brought to justice. And yes, most reaserchers have concluded that the U.S government was deeply involved in this. I could say much more but I will leave it there.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pictoral Comments On US MisEducation Today

Mis-Education is the Norm in the US today. Ignorance of the world is glorified 24/7 on TV, radio and magazines. Websites are hyped as informative when, in reality, they are blatant brain mushing sites that re-enforce racism, sexism, antiArab/Muslimism, and virulent anticommunism.

And here's another indication of how deep the miseducation hole has been dug...

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Sam Anderson Speaks About 
Why the Coalition for Public Education 
Is Important
March 4, 2010