Sunday, April 06, 2014

Sister Dr Adelaide Sanford Speaks Black Education for Liberation

Dr. Adelaide L. Sanford - Afrocentric Education As A Human Right - 5/19/2013 Presentation given by Dr. Adelaide Sanford, Queen Mother of African consciousness. She retired as a New York State Regent for Education. A strong defender of African students in the schools of New York City she was one of the first major educators to speak up for Afrocentric education. Fighting the opposition on the Board of Regents Dr. Sanford became a household name for her courage,determination, and relentless campaign against ignorance, violence, and self-hatred.  The title of her presentation at the Second Annual World Conference of AFROCENTRICITY INTERNATIONAL, held at Imhotep Charter High School in Philadelphia, Pa. on May 19, 2013. .."Afrocentric Education As A Human Right".

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Bravo mother!!!