Sunday, August 10, 2014

If You Did Not Know: Black Home Ownership Is On an Even More Slippery Slope

African-American homeownership increasingly less stable and more risky

While historical barriers that excluded Black America from the homeowner market for decades have crumbled, there are signs that emerging types of racial inequality—such as lending practices that prey on racial minorities and racially inequitable mortgage terms—are making homeownership an increasingly risky investment for African-American home seekers, according to new research from sociologists at Rice University and Cornell University.

The study, Emerging Forms of Racial Inequality in Homeownership Exit, 1968-2009, examines racial inequality in transitions out of homeownership over the last four decades. The authors used longitudinal household data from the Panel Study of Income Dynamics for the period 1968 to 2009, with a study sample of 6,994 non-Hispanic whites and 3,158 African-American homeowners.
Unfortunately, to read this study one has to fork up $22!! Unless you have access to a university library. please, if someone out there has access, please share this important PDF with us HERE!


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