Monday, September 24, 2007

A Classic VidDoc on Nation of Islam: "The Hate That Hate Produced"

The VideoDocumentary that Projected Brother Malcolm X to National Center Stage

This videodocumentary is a classic. It may be of poor quality videowise, but the sound is good. Some forty plus years later, US corporate media would never produced such a sustained interview and discussion with any African American person or organization. They learned that this program- and many that followed its subject and format- was helping to bring about a more militant and informed body of young Black men and women.

The social-political context of documenting the Nation of Islam on national TV during that period was one of the rising Civil Rights Movement as well as the rising Black National Movement within urban centers of the North, South. Midwest and West. This was coupled with the rarity of seeing any kind of Black person on TV for any length of time.

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