Monday, March 06, 2017

Amilcar Cabral’s Revolutionary Anti-colonialist Ideas

Cabral, Culture and Resistance for the 21st Century Revolutionary Struggle


Racism has been at the core of the expansion of capitalism since its birth in Europe. The extension and domination of capitalism depended critically on the dehumanization of the colonial subject. And fundamental to the process of dehumanization has been the need to destroy, modify or recast the culture of the colonized, for it was principally through culture that the colonized would seek to resist domination and assert their claim to humanity. Drawing on the writings of the Guinea Bissau agronomist, poet, military strategist, and revolutionary leader and theorist, Amilcar Cabral, this essay considers the processes that led to the dehumanization of the people of the continent as part of the liberal project and how culture has been and remains such an important component of the struggle for liberation and the resistance to the dehumanization associated with the current state of liberalism, namely neoliberalism.

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