Sunday, May 11, 2014

Is the US Behind the Boko Haram Forces??

 From The Ramparts
                                                Junious Ricardo Stanton
The Real Deal About Nigerian Kidnappings

Boko Haram is not a revolutionary organization. Just follow the money and you will see who the puppeteers are!
“The kidnapping presents Washington, whose requests to mount military and intelligence operations from Nigeria had repeatedly been rebuffed, with a golden opportunity to secure a foothold in the oil-rich country, now Africa’s largest economy. This is part of its efforts to build up a string of military bases across the Horn of Africa, the Sahel and West Africa.” Nigeria: Boko Haram Kidnappings Used to Justify US Military Build-Up in Africa

            The US mind control apparatus has been bombarding us with stories about the kidnapping of Nigerian school girls and telling us that this is part of an Islamist  terrorist group that sell the girls into the sex slave trade. In the US media’s simplistic propaganda narratives, the bad guys are always Muslims, never Catholics, Christians, or Jews. Have girls been abducted and does a global sex slave trade network exist? Yes there have been abductions and slave trafficking has been going for centuries. But the question for us today is, are these events connected; or are they being cunningly exploited to give the US a justification to get a toe hold into another African nation?

Stop and delay your usual knee jerk response to this media campaign, take a step back and ask yourselves, since when does the US government care about what happens to Africans? Since when does the US media which routinely portrays all of Africa as a hotbed of disease, poverty, governmental corruption and backwardness care about some African school girls who were kidnapped by a supposedly Islamic “terrorist” group called Boko Harem that Hillary Clinton and the US State Department refused to put on its terrorist watch list? Something smells fishy here? Why all of a sudden is this so newsworthy?

Pardon my skepticism but I think there is a not so hidden agenda here, one that is part of a nefarious plan to re-enslave/recolonize Africa. “One of the primary foreign policy goals of the US and NATO during the Obama Administration was to gain a greater military footprint in Africa, all of which is outlined in Washington’s AFRICOM policy directives which were set into motion in 2007 during the Bush presidency. This was arguably a much easier sell with African-American president Barrack Obama in the US than it would be with any other leader.  One only needs to read the strategic briefings in U.S. AFRICOM documents to realise the true endgame for Africa: the eviction of China economic and political influence throughout the continent, and when it comes to achieving that goal – anything goes (including a theatric Boko Haram production it seems). One AFRICOM study justifies US interventions on the basis of fears that China will eventually dispatch troops to Africa to defend its interests there.” 

Boko Haram: US AFRICOM’S Latest False Flag Franchise 

The United States and its NATO henchmen have long coveted forward bases in Africa but to their credit African leaders have been steadfast in rejecting such a Trojan horse. That is another reason the US went after and killed Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi because he was one of the most vocal objectors to AFRICOM. But Uncle Sam and his never say die imperialist mentality found ways to ease themselves in under the pretext of aid and training the Africans. On the flip side the US has created, armed and funded groups like the Mujahidin in Afghanistan and the fictitious Al Qaeda bogeyman they are always putting in the media to justify their imperialistic forays around the world under their totally bogus Global War on Terrorism. 

They are doing the same thing in Africa. It follows their classic crisis-reaction-solution paradigm. 

They create and fund a “crisis”, their media hypes the event or crisis to manipulate public opinion to make us fearful then they or one of their operatives such as the US Congress come up with a “solution” which always enriches a select few and usually includes some form of invasion, warfare, occupation or regime change which the gullible little guys pay for with their blood.

The US Britain, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Israel created “Al Qaeda” and their lying media tricks us into believing Al Qaeda is a world wide terrorist organization hell bent on destroying our way of life and wrecking havoc on the innocent. The US has transplanted this same tactic to the whole African continent. “A closer look at all of the so-called terrorist ‘franchises’ which the CIA are steering and managing throughout the continent reveals their true function: destabilisation, sectarian division which, of course, requires a US or NATO presence all over the continent. 

They are as follows: Active CIA-MI6-Mossad-linked ‘franchisees’: Boko Haram in Nigeria, Niger, Mali, Al Shabab in Somalia and Kenya Al Qaeda in Islamic Magreb (AQIM) Algeria and Mali, Musilm Brotherhood in Egypt Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, Al Qeada  Non-existent, but still promoted in Washington and Joseph Kony in Uganda (last seen in 2006, but that hasn’t stopped Obama from sending US troops into Uganda the hunt the ghost).” Ibid

            All this is part of the US/NATO plan to recolonize Africa by placing US/NATO military, covert assets, patsies and created enemies there to justify their plans. Their goal is to destabilize the whole continent and solve “the problem” they themselves created by sending in their troops to restore “order” in the form of a puppet government or occupation. “The US has also announced that it is sending US Special Forces troops as ‘trainers’ and ‘advisors’ to the six countries—Niger, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Togo and Ghana—which are to provide the troops for an African force being cobbled together by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) as a proxy for imperialist intervention. It will also provide aircraft to deliver them to Mali. So much for Obama’s inauguration rhetoric.

‘A decade of war is now ending,’ he declared Monday, just a day after Cameron’s warning that decades of war in Africa have only just begun. We have entered a period when each new war only begets the next: Libya, Syria and now Mali in the space of less than two years. The connection between them is rarely recognized in the media, which breathlessly reports each new crisis, from the fighting in Mali to the hostage drama at the gas complex in Algeria, as if it were a senseless outrage explicable only as part of the unfolding battle between good and evil known as the global war on terrorism.

The word “blowback” is not to be uttered in the polite company of network news. Yet this is precisely what is involved. The US-NATO war for regime-change in Libya destabilized the entire region. It had the effect of sending Tuaregs, many of whom who had served in Gaddafi’s security forces, fleeing back into Mali under conditions in which Libya’s NATO-backed “revolutionaries” were hunting down and murdering people with black skins.” Western Powers’ Plans to Re-Colonize Africa Bill Van Auken
             Don’t believe the hype, the issue is not about kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls; the real issue is about the US recolonizing Africa. The West wants Nigeria for its oil and to stop China from making deals in the country. That is why the US press is demonizing the Nigerian government and its response to the kidnappings to create an immediate pretext for going in. “Apologists for military expansion in Africa undoubtedly tell budget cutters the stakes are high. For example, Vice-Admiral Robert T. Moeller, then Deputy Commander of the United States Africa Command (AFRICOM), articulated U.S. imperatives as of 2008. They included the free flow of natural resources from Africa to the global market, anti-terrorist war, and the growing influence of U.S. military assistance agreements are in place with 53 African countries. The United States is the principal military partner of most African countries, according to Afrol News.


Anonymous said...

You just opened my eyes. You are so right, I mean some how, suddenly, terrorists group always are formed where we discover new resources. You didn't al-shahab forming in somalia or boko haram in nigeria b4 oil was discovered. Even al-qaida seems to do whatever the USA wanted, and they choose iraq to hide (never mind, lebonon, iran, and syria were muh better places to hide than Iraq!)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm....this is eye opening