Thursday, January 24, 2013

Better Beware HipHop Video

Progressive HipHop from Circa95

Circa95 Folks Say:
Thank You to everyone that came thru to Pregones for our performance last week. We had artists like Chief 69, Luss, YC The Cynic and Rebel Diaz join us on stage. We even performed a new track that Rebel Diaz and Circa '95 recorded together. We also unveiled our latest music video. It was a wonderful evening.
A series of paintings by mixed media artist and hip-hop champion

JAN 9 - FEB 28, 2013

Line vs Color combines the simplicity of the line with expressive use of color to create order within chaos. The work strives to embody life's contradictions and humanity's relationship to those contradictions. It is also visually influenced by the indigenous Taino pictographs found throughout the Caribbean, traditional Japanese crest designs, New York City Graffiti art, revolutionary print making of the 1960's & 1970's, and the classic American children's book Harold and the Purple Crayon.
When painting Reph doesn’t usually like to plan many things in advance, he just lets it happen. His artistic process is as much about the act of painting as it is about the act of living while waiting for the right moment to arrive, with some works being created in a few hours and others over a series of months or years

For more info on REPH and his projects please visit:

Reph Opening
Born in the early 80's, on the island of Manhattan, REPH has been creating creative chaos wherever, whenever, and in whatever medium he chooses. From music production to painting, nothing is out of bounds and anything can happen when he is involved. His skills in the visual arts and music were developed through graff'n and cyphering on the block daily. That coupled with a passion for technology, history and social change is what led him to what he is doing today. He envisions this work as a reflection of the human experience through the eyes of the hip-hop generations. These days he can be found in the studio working with CIRCA95 and The Rhyme Factory.
Smart People Lie

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