Thursday, November 01, 2012

Black Agenda Report 6th Anniversary Celebration Video
Since 2006 the mission at Black Agenda Report [] has been to challenge the current crop of black political and cultural misleaders with a vision of a new black politics of struggle, one that takes into account class differences among blacks so as to confont the prison state, and deal with the many other oppressive aspects of everyday black life which our misleaders ignore. 
On Friday, October 12 most of the Black Agenda Report team gathered at Harlem's historic Riverside Church to celebrate our sixth anniversary. We were joined by Dr. Cornel West, who took part in an extended dialog with BAR executive editor Glen Ford, and a panel discussion featuring Margaret Kimberley, Jemima Pierre, Richard Wolff, P. Sainaith, Anthony Monteiro and Marsha Coleman-Adebayo.

The celebration was organized and hosted by BAR's Nellie Hester Bailey, and sponsored by Riverside Church's Social Justice Ministry.

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