Friday, January 27, 2012

Cuba: A Model For What to Do When the World's Oil Flow Becomes Drops

One thing we know: "The Oil Binge Party Is Over." The supply of oil will not be able to meet the global demands of the 21st Century. How are humans going to handle this crisis? How do humans take this crisis and make it an opportunity to improve societies by sharing the tremendous wealth that capitalism's use of oil helped to produced? What alternative energy sources are there? And how do we bring them into our lives?

These and many many other questions were raised during Cuba's "Special Period" where oil was extremely scarce in an oil dependent society. The Cuban people and their government found creative ways to survive... and thrive during this "Special Period." We can say that Cuba has survived the imperial blockade onslaught and their oil scarcity crisis.... Thru the 1990s and 2000s, Cuba had reversed an economic and social crisis, transforming its society into one that is now heading more in the direction -not without serious problems- of growth and development.

This documentary shows how Cuba's socialist/people-centered approach to the crisis of oil scarcity was able to help prevent famine and environmental degradation that actually improved the health of Cuba's citizen.

The will of the people in relationship to the state's cooperating infrastructure was/is essential in overcoming this oil scarcity crisis.

In the US, we may have the former. But US capitalism is the key enemy to resolving the coming repercussions of the oil scarcity crises.

Revolution is the Order of the Day!

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