Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Blair Underwood Plays an Obama-like Prez Supporting US Fascist Underbelly

This filmclip is from NBC's "THE EVENT"- a SciFi action series where there are extraterrestrials that look just like us (except they age much much slower) who being held prisoners for the past 66 years in an Alaskan MAXI MAXI type prison embedded in a mountain. Back in the 1940s, they crash landed up there and originally came in peace. But, a faction is now prepared to invade and exterminate Earth's humanity for the sake of their own survival.

They are the "AlQeda" that needs to be imprisoned at all cost.... The series is more complex than this- as are a lot of these trying-to-be-real fantasies made for TV (think of Lost and 24).

But given the fact the Obama has taken up the Bush mantra that Guantanamo holds the world's worst terrorists that must be held without trial for the sake of "National Security," last nite's Event episode could not be more timely!

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