Sunday, October 10, 2004

My Comments On NY Times Mag Essay: "The Genome in Black and White (and Gray)"

My Comments on an Oct 10, 2004 NY Times Magazine article: "The Genome in Black and White (and Gray)" By ROBIN MARANTZ HENIG---

Because science is a human endeavor situated within a society, it is impacted -directly and indirectly- by that society's cultural, social and religious norms. Hence, in the US -where racism/white supremacy is the norm- science is being impacted by this powerful but false belief-system. The scientific breakthrus in the study and applications of genomics mentioned in this important article below are rapidly being defined by both capitalist and racist paradigms and will bring forth a new and even more powerful form of "White Superiority-thru-Science" than the Nazis could ever dream of. And as long as US society is being deskilled and dumbed-down, the bearers of this genomic knowledge will be looked upon as 21st Century wizards to not only be in awe of, but to TRUST as advancers of society thru science.

One of the immediate challenges is for progressives to publically critique every corporate/adacemic aspect of the known research (there's lots of covert neo-eugenics research going on within US government's labs and other Western nations' labs). Another immediate challenge is to struggle to get more Blackfolk and Latinos involved in this new and rapidly expanding research area of genomics. This means we have about a 10 to 15 year window of opportunity to launch a campaign within US urban elementary schools to make science study not only achievable but about the hippest thing a young African-descendent or Latino person could aspire to do.

If we don't have a significant number of Black and Brown scientist in this mix as early as possible to keep eugenics policies at bay, then a truly brave new white world will prevail... relegating peoples of African descent to the periphery of the periphery: truly superfluous and expendable....

We have reached that critical moment where genetic science and technological "advancement" is evolving exponetially in hands and minds of scientist embedded within a white supremacist Euro-American civilization. Our challenge-- humanity's challenge is to find ways to not only stop their advancements, but to also reverse them and transform them into a gentetic science from and for the People of Earth.

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